About Finmark

Finmark is a leading Financial market training and Financial Literacy Company. The company formally started operations 2010 imparting individual Investor Education programs.It was in the second half of 2015 that the company expanded its portfolio of Training programs and in addition to the Investor and Corporate training programs, focused on taking Financial Markets Education to School and College students.

In 3.5 years Finmark has trained and equipped more than 25,000 students and investors across 50 colleges and 15 schools all over India and the UAE. Finmark not only trains these students on the Capital Markets but also helps in linking the students with potential Employers.Our modules are taught by our practitioners who have immense experience and in-depth capabilities in every aspect of banking and capital markets to design, develop and deliver any program.

Our team of professionals have in-depth expertise in Commercial Banking/Investment Banking, Capital Markets/ Money Markets, Insurance, Foreign Exchange, Trade Finance, Private Banking & Wealth Management and have more than 25 years of senior management expertise in these areas. Finmark develops and implements its own unique training modules and also implements joint certification programs with the NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE (NSE). We also train students on various NISM modules and encourage them to write and clear the NISM exams.
Our training programs are delivered both through our offline and Online modules. The top-notch rating that we have from our students over the last three years has been extremely encouraging and we look forward to reaching students and investors throughout India in our quest to promote Financial Literacy and Financial markets expertise.